Make Your Indoor Playground Look And Feel Safe For Your Kids With Synthetic Turf

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If your kids get bored and restless during the snowy winter season, you might be thinking of adding an enclosed playground to the back of your home or on your patio. However, the natural grass is too difficult to maintain, or the patio's cement is too dangerous and hard. Your kids can play anytime of the year when you add synthetic turf to the indoor playground's flooring or terrain. It's a unique way to make indoor playtime more enjoyable and safe for your snowbound kids.

Easy to Maintain

With synthetic turf, you don't have to water, mow or fertilize it. This type of turf is an artificial material that looks and feels similar to freshly mowed grass. Made with pencil-thin nylon blades that don't fade or warp under direct and indirect sunlight, synthetic grass requires less maintenance than a traditional lawn. It's also safer than cement because it's soft and pliable.

The only things you need to do are:

  • Use a spring-back leaf rake to remove dirt and other debris that may stick to the blades. The flexible tines of the rake gently move over the blades without flattening, damaging or bending them. You can also use a stiff-bristled broom to keep the turf clean.
  • Hose it off with water to remove any dust that builds up on it after long time play. You should aim the flow of water toward the entrance of the playground that leads to the outdoors. The water simply runs out of the enclosure and onto the natural ground.
  • Keep pets off of the synthetic grass to prevent urine and bowel accidents. These may be harder to remove than dirt and dust, as they can stain or leave behind unpleasant scents.

You can always ask your turf provider for more cleaning tips when you install it. The turf you purchase may have specific care or maintenance requirements that make it last longer and look its best. This also keeps the turf safe after installation.

Cushions Accidental Falls and Prevents Bumps and Bruises

Another good reason you want to install the turf is to protect your kids from injuries during playtime. A special padding beneath the blades cushions any accidental falls that may cause bumps, bruises and painful bone fractures. Your turf's padding:

  • Provides a shock-resistant barrier: The shock-resistant padding may help prevent concussions or other injuries to the body. The turf contains a built-in layer of thick foam that lies against the foundation or terrain beneath the playground. Football fields, soccer fields and playgrounds often use padded turf to help lower brain injuries to young people.
  • Comes with a flat and evenly distributed surface: The flat, evenly distributed surface of the padding doesn't bunch up or contain the dips and falls of outdoor terrain. Natural ground typically has these features and can make your kids trip and fall as they run and play.
  • Cleans easily: You can easily clean the padding with a water hose. But you should remember to ask your supplier for turf that comes with drainable padding. This padding has special holes in the backing that allow water to drain out.

Now that you know how safe the synthetic grass is for your indoor playground, it's time to learn about its other great features.

Comes in Different Colors

Synthetic turf comes in a variety of colors and not just green. These may range from bright, summer green to sky blue. If your turf provider offers different colors for your needs, be sure to choose shades that match your playground's theme. This makes it more attractive for your kids.

Winter time isn't always fun for kids, but you can add excitement with your indoor playground with synthetic turf. If you have questions or concerns about turf, contact your supplier today for answers.