Mix Up Your Interior Style With These Out-Of-The-Box Window Dressing Ideas

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The right window dressing can provide privacy, add beauty, and take your space from boring to beautiful. While curtains and blinds are standard, they are often overplayed and tired, and may not suit your individual sense of style. If you're tired of traditional and could care less for classic, these unusual window dressing ideas will help you to liven up your indoor space, all while creating a look that's truly your own.

Use a Natural Branch or Wood Curtain Rod

If you love all things natural, there's a really easy way to draw this influence into your home. Skip the metal or plastic curtain rod, and head out into the forest! Look for a large branch or stick that's about the same length. You want it to be as even and straight as possible. Trim down small offshoot branches down the length, and use this as a curtain rod instead. It adds an instant touch of peaceful, earthy beauty and doesn't cost a cent!

If you aren't sure what to pair it with: For best results, choose a tree branch with a maximum diameter of an inch or two. Pair it with loose, flowing fabric like translucent white linen or rich, brown silk.

Use Paint Instead of Fabric

Paint is another flexible, non-traditional way to dress your window space. You can create the illusion of a curtain without adding fabrics with a little bit of acrylic paint and a few stencil outlines. Grab a pretty stencil and paint the patterns on the window, following its natural lines. For best results, choose simple or lacy patterns that match your interior design scheme.

What's amazing about this particular method is that it produces just the right amount of shade while still allowing light in. Because you can literally paint anything you want on the window, you can go geometric, natural, or even funky. Consider adding lettering with inspirational or motivational quotes, or add vine work around the edge. The only limit is your artistic skill and a bit of imagination.

If you like to switch up your interior often: Acrylic paint isn't permanent. When it's time to change things up, be it for seasonal reasons, renovations, or just because, use a glass scraper to remove the existing paint and wash the window well. Rinse with white vinegar, dry it well with newspaper, and repaint the window as you see fit.

Create a Light, Airy Feel With All-Natural Hemp Fabric

Hemp is a versatile, fun material to work with. It's easy to cut, trim, and install, and tends to be very affordable compared to silk or satin. It also adds light, airy beauty to any window when used as a curtain or valance. Best of all, it takes less than five minutes to install to a window if the fabric is already cut to size.

If you prefer easy and simple dressings, just drape it around the curtain rod and let it hang down on both sides all the way to the floor. Fluff it up at the top until it gives the appearance of a beautiful valance, hanging and pouching a bit.

Ideally, it should be a bit billowy and relaxed, so try not to wrap it tightly against the rod. Add simple complementary accessories like tiny straw hats, seashells, or miniature scarecrows at either end to draw the eye around the fabric. This soft, country-or-coast themed window treatment is neutral enough to match with a wide range of color palettes and themes.

If you want to create additional visual interest: Before you drape the hemp cloth over the rod, wrap a string of very tiny white or off-white indoor lights around the rod itself. When adjusted correctly, this creates the illusion of tiny little fairy lights throughout the fabric.

Add a Row of Planters on a Shelf

If you have space at the top of the window, and you love having access to fresh herbs in the kitchen, make use of that space by installing a shelf. If you install a board at about the same level down from the top as a valance would fall, you've done two things: you have created the illusion of shade and the ideal place to grow small potted plants. For simplicity, leave the board solid and paint it the same color as the window frame.

Alternatively, you can create a plant pot hanger that's similar to a wine glass rack. Just measure your plant pots around the mid-point, and then use these measurements to remove several round holes from the shelf. Sand it, paint it, install it to the window area, and then drop your plant pots into the cutouts for an instantly organized selection of fresh herbs. Use labels on the side edge of the shelf to indicate which herbs are growing in which pots.

For best results, apply this idea to a window that gets plenty of sun. Over the kitchen sink is an excellent choice! Each time you water your plants, the excess moisture will flow out of the pot and run right down the drain without any need to remove the pots or mop up water.

If you don't have a green thumb: Use the same concept to create a hanging area for your favorite set of mugs. Just screw small hooks into the bottom of the shelf, and then hang the mugs by their handles. 

These easy, fun window treatment ideas work well for homeowners who want to mix things up a bit and stay unique. From drawing in earthy influences you find outdoors to maximizing your storage space with the area above a window, the right window dressing helps you to blend form and function in a way that works best for you. For assistance with choosing or creating the right window dressing, contact a local professional, such as those found at Sheila's Drapery.