Ways Walk-In Tubs Benefit Seniors, Mobility-Challenged People, Everyone Else

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One of the dangers that seniors face in their homes is the bathtub. That fixture is actually dangerous to everyone but especially for seniors as they age. One slip or one slide could have them ending up dead or leave them suffering from fractures and a variety of other injuries. Walk-in tubs are the best type of tub for seniors and everyone else in the family.

1. Ensure Safety with Walk-In Tubs

When your elderly relative must negotiate climbing over a traditional tub's wall, that becomes quite a task for them. Walk-in tubs, on the contrary, are designed with safety in mind and keeps seniors and others with mobility challenges safe. These tubs are built with safety features such as bath seats, grab bars, and non-slip floors. These collective features make it easier for seniors and others to enter and exit the tubs safely.

2. Get a Fitting Tub for Seniors

Many seniors are not so nimble as they used to be, and that is due to the aging process. Walking into the bathroom and lifting one leg to step into the tub leaves them balancing on one leg only while trying to hold on to the shower curtain or possibly one metal handrail if one is hooked up on the wall. For seniors, this activity is quite a leap. The shower curtain offers no defense and only helps to propel a senior citizen into a sliding fall. Elderly people suffer all kinds of injuries or death when they fall and hit their foreheads or the skull of their heads. A full-head-on concussion can occur and later brain injury may be in the cards as well.

3. Remember that Everyone Can Use This Tub

When you think about the installation of walk-in tubs, just remember that the use of this tub is not limited only to the elderly and handicapped persons. You and your younger family members will benefit as well from this type of tub. Following a stressful day on your job, you can take a long hot bath in the tub, which is a stress buster. Just open the tub's door in the front wall and step inside. There's a seat that you can sit on and relax while bathing. The tub's grab bars and speed drain are also welcome features.

4. Add Luxury Features for a Daily Spa Experience

If you're seeking luxury options to use in your walk-in tub, you can add features such as differing hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, and molded seat options. So in your own bathroom, you'll have an opportunity to have a spa experience each day. When working with your contractor, ask them what you can get in addition to a walk-in tub.