Easy Ways To Update Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

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Traditional kitchen cabinets make a lasting addition to your home. With a few quick changes over the years after your purchase, you can keep your cabinets looking fresh and modern. Choose simple cabinets with a traditional design to make updating your kitchen easy without the need for a complete remodel.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl Paper

Self-adhesive vinyl paper has many uses in the kitchen, from lining shelves and drawers to decorating bulletin boards. However, you can also use it to give your cabinets a quick makeover. Wood-grain adhesive vinyl paper lets you update the finish on your kitchen cabinets without the need for stripping, sanding, and staining. The process for installation is similar to self-adhesive wallpaper. You'll need to take precise measurements before placing the vinyl on your cabinets, but with a bit of patience and planning, this paper can add long-lasting beauty to your space. Another benefit of this vinyl paper is that it wipes down easily for convenient cleaning.

Cabinet Paint

Cabinet paint makes it easy to play with color in your kitchen. You can choose a fresh white hue to bring a bright, clean look to your space, but don't discount darker colors. Midnight blue, slate gray, and even deep burgundy can create an expensive look without the need for a complete remodel. Be sure to invest in primer as a base coat before painting. Without primer, the wood grain from your traditional cabinets might show through, creating a messy, unfinished look. If you want to get super creative with paint, consider a light color for upper cabinets and a darker shade for the lower cabinet line. This adds a modern touch and visual interest to your existing kitchen.

Open Shelving

For a more open and airy look, consider converting some of your cabinets to open shelving. This can be achieved by simply removing the doors and giving the frames a good sanding and finishing. This open shelving works beautifully above the sink or in the center of the kitchen. Think about painting the back wall of your open cabinets in a contrasting color or adding a darker wood finish to create depth and dimension for your kitchen.

Once you've decided on the basic look for your cabinet makeover, remember to update your cabinet hardware. New handles and drawer pulls can transform the look of your food prep area with minimal effort.  Talk to a cabinet supplier to learn more about your options.