5 Benefits Of Walk-In Tubs

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If you are considering a walk-in tub for yourself or an older relative, then it helps to be aware of the many benefits that these bathtubs can offer.

1. Helps You Regain Independence 

It can be a blow to the dignity if you need help doing basic hygiene, even if it is only minor help to enter and exit the bathtub. A walk-in tub can give back your independence. This is especially important if you live alone, as it means you can bathe when it is convenient to you and not only when there is in-home help available.

2. Increases Safety

Safety can be a real concern in the bathtub, no matter your age. Slip and fall accidents are responsible for many injuries and even deaths. Walk-in tubs are safer to get in and out of. Further, there are additional safety bars and seats inside the tub to make a slip even less likely. Caution is still necessary, but the walk-in tub is not as dangerous as the step-over tub wall.

3. Aids with Aging In Place Goals

If aging in place is your goal, the bathroom can be one of the more challenging rooms to remodel to meet this goal. Safety bars help only so much, particularly if the tub or shower has a lip that can make it hard to step into. A walk-in tub with its handy door makes it easier to bathe unassisted or with only minimal assistance as you age in your home. Most adults will suffer at least a short-term mobility issue at some point as they age, so preparing the bathroom before you need a walk-in tub is ideal.

4. Offers Therapeutic Options

Walk-in tubs provide more than safety and accessibility benefits, they can also help you age with more comfort. Many tubs come with spa features, such as massage jets and hydrotherapy settings. These options can relieve sore muscles and tired joints, helping you recover more quickly from the normal effects of aging. Even younger people, especially those that are active, can benefit from the therapeutic options.

5. Offers Home Value Benefits

A walk-in tub can increase the value of your home, especially if you live in an area with an aging population that may treasure the ability to age in place safely. Many people have to retrofit bathrooms later in life due to accessibility concerns, so it adds value if the bathroom has already been remodeled with a walk-in tub.

Contact a walk-in tub dealer to see the options that are available for your home.