Custom Cabinetry For A Studio Condo: Four Space-Saving Ideas

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Owning a studio condo can be a great way to save on the cost of ownership in a big city, but these smaller dwellings come with their own unique challenges. One challenge is carving out functional kitchen space in your single-room home. With the right custom cabinetry, you can create a space dedicated to meal prep without taking up too much of the floor plan. Here are some cabinetry ideas to consider when revamping the kitchen space in your studio condo. 

Under-Cabinet Shelving

Making the most of vertical space can expand the storage capacity of your kitchen. Consider shorter cabinets for the top row in your kitchen, leaving space for tiers of open shelving below. These shelves can be used to organize spices, store coffee mugs, or arrange canned goods for easy access. You can even have your custom cabinet maker create square cubbies for use as a space-saving wine rack beneath your cabinets. 

Drawer Storage

Opting for drawers instead of traditional cabinets on the bottom row in your kitchen can provide more usable storage space. Pullout drawers make it easy to organize all your items, whether you're stashing pots and pans or arranging pantry essentials. With traditional cabinets, you might find plenty of unused space in the back. Bottom cabinets used for storing dry goods can make reaching items stored in the back difficult, while pullout drawers let you make the most of every bit of storage space. Larger drawers on the bottom are ideal for large pots and pans, while shallow drawers toward the top can be used for boxed snacks and other essentials. 

Pullout Pantry Cabinet

A pullout pantry cabinet makes the most of vertical space in your cabinet line, and it can be tucked neatly between your fridge and counter to fill in gaps and maximize storage. Taller pantry cabinets can easily accommodate canned goods, boxes of cereal, rolls of paper towels, and other essentials. If you prefer a smaller storage solution, move this idea next to your stove for a shortened version. Your remodeling contractor or custom cabinet builder can review the available space in your kitchen to find the ideal solution to meet your needs. 

Wall-Mounted Folding Table

Of course, you'll want space to enjoy your meals in your studio condo. A custom wall-mounted folding table solves this issue without taking up extra floor space. When not in use, this table looks like just another cabinet in your kitchen to create a seamless look. The table simply folds down from the wall to create a cozy dining space for you and a guest. Your contractor can design a cabinet face to match the rest of your custom cabinetry, and they can also build a sturdy hinge system to support the weight of dinnerware and serving pieces to ensure durability. 

For more information, contact a company that provides custom kitchen cabinets.