Go Beyond Basic: Why Choose High-End Cabinets For Your Luxury Home

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If you're building a high-end home, you owe it to yourself to choose high-end features. This includes your cabinets. Standard cabinets will work well in most homes. But when you're investing in a luxury home, standard cabinets won't do. High-end cabinets offer the quality construction you want for your new luxury home. If you're not sure why you need high-end cabinets, read the list provided below. Here are four important reasons to choose high-end cabinets for your new luxury home. 

Custom Cabinet Design

Now that you're designing your luxury home, you want every feature to stand out. This includes your cabinets. That's why you should take this opportunity to choose high-end cabinets. With high-end cabinets, you won't get a generic design. One of the great things about high-end cabinets is that you can include a custom design. That means you'll get exactly what you want for your new cabinets. And, high-end cabinets aren't only designed for your kitchen. You can choose high-end cabinets for use throughout your home. This includes the laundry room and bathrooms. 

Wood Frame Construction

If you're building a luxury home, you want to choose quality cabinetry. Standard cabinets include particle board frames. Unfortunately, particle board isn't as strong and durable as solid wood. That's where high-end cabinets come into the picture. High-end cabinets get built with solid plywood frame construction. They also include full high-back frame construction. That means your new cabinets will provide lasting beauty and durability. 

Soft-Glide Closing Features

If you're looking for quality features, now's the time to choose high-end cabinets for your new home. High-end cabinets include all the features you won't find on standard cabinets. This includes soft-glide features. Soft-close hinges allow your cabinets to close softly, and quietly. Soft-close drawers close quietly time after time. Soft-close features protect your cabinets from damage. Best of all, there's no need to slam the cabinet doors or the drawers. 

Lifetime Warranty Protection

When it comes to building a luxury home, you want to have warranty protection throughout. You'll get that when you choose high-end cabinets for your new home. One of the benefits of choosing high-end cabinets is that they come with lifetime warranty protection. That means if something does go wrong with your cabinets, they'll have the protection you need. 

Don't settle for basic cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom. Now that you're building a luxury home, talk to your contractor to learn more about high-end cabinets.